Our courses

Speaking of our courses give us a lot of pride and consideration by our students too. In ISF courses, the subject is taught in the most simple and natural way, to make enjoyable and exciting every lesson. Lessons last two hours once a week for 6 months. English courses, for example, are designed to make the student able to converse by telephone with the foreign partner, just in the first level. The IT courses allows the student to become a computer operator and programmer, including examinations to achieve the ECDL European Computer Driving Licence, recognized in the Member States of the European Community.

Guaranteed results

We have adopted a process of development and research with the help of a staff to create revolutionary teaching methods, used through the training of thousands of students that have been 100% satisfied for the gained results.
We are therefore able to offer a customized learning path that allows each student to reach their target with maximum results.
For example, if the student has loopholes or personal issues that prevent the regular leanirng, we offer a new round of free teaching.

To have the PET Certificate is mandatory to enter some Universities.
I.S.F. IT courses create a certificate professionist that can cover the requirements needed in the IT sector.