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Information Technology is continuously and rapidly growing, and especially last years it has become indispensable for daily life and business. In correspondence with development in mass of more efficient technology tools, companies have a growing need for qualified personnel with the skills to manage these technologies.
I.S.F. IT courses create a certificate professionist that can cover the requirements needed in the IT sector.



ECDL Core is the basic course for those who want to learn the ability of using computer for work purposes (in companies, government agencies or professional offices) and training. When we usually say ECDL examination we are talking about ECDL Core, but the ECDL program has additional layers. The reason is simple: ECDL Core certification is the most general certification about computer skills. At the end of the course the student will know the basic concepts of Information Technology and he will be able to work by the computer for the most common tasks: file management, word processing, spreadsheets, use of databases, creating presentations, Internet surfing and e-mail. These skills will be tested in 7 exams (one for each module) which allow to obtain the certification. ISF will give to the student a test booklet (Skills Card, valid for three years) for recording the outcome of the tests.

Recently ECDL Start were introduced. As its name indicates, it certifies the skills on selected modules and allows to demonstrate the minimum capacity of computer use at work. At the end of the course, the ECDL Start is obtained by passing 4 exams of the 7 provided by ECDL Core. Student need also the skills card which can be used to pass the ECDL Core without repeating the selected modules tests.


ECDL Advanced

ECDL Advanced is the in-depth examination of one or more modules of the ECDL Core. It is not necessary to have first passed the seven ECDL Core before access the ECDL Advanced but it is strongly recommended. The ECDL Advanced certifies the ability to use a wide repertoire of capabilities and to perform more complex tasks than required in the ECDL Core. The Advanced ECDL course modules are:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Databases
  • Presentations

In ECDL Advanced each module is independent from the others: it has a specific certificate, unlike the ECDL Core.


ECDL ImageMaker

ECDL ImageMaker gives the opportunity to acquire the skills to process digital images, using famous software such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or free software like GIMP (GNU Image Manipolation Program). It is perfect to acquire the basic knowledge needed to develop digital images for personal or professional work. In particular, student who attended the course ECDL ImageMaker, passing the final exam:

  • knows the basic characteristics of a digital image, such as format, resolution.
  • understands and is able to use specific software to capture, save, select and process digital images.
  • can process images using tools such as levels, text formatting, drawing, color or apply effects and filters.
  • is able to prepare images for printing or web publication

ECDL WebStarter

ECDL WebStarter is the course for learning how to create and maintain simple websites. The student will learn some of the basic principles of HTML, in order to implement simple encodings. Through the use of a web editor, the student will create web pages, format text, use frames and create text boxes, forms, and tables. After completing this course you will able to publish your website on the Internet. In addition, students will have a good understanding of safety issues and about the legal aspects of publishing a website. Knowledge of basic operations such as opening and closing files, as well as the ability to use a computer and fundamental operations of its operating system, are key requirements to attend this course.



ECDL CAD 2D e 3Dare two different courses. Each one includes a final exam for certification. AutoCAD is the most popular software in the field of technical drawing by using the computer. That is why in the technical studies Autocad is a standard. Its flexibility, modularity, the ability to avoid repetitive procedures, the use of layers and rich libraries allow the surveyor, architect, the engineer and the designer to obtain highly professional results in less time than required by traditional design techniques and other software. ECDL CAD is an important opportunity for certification of skills in technical computer drawing. It is indispensable in the curriculum for those who want to join in the technical drawing, and for the expert professionists.


3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max is a graphics and animation software. Students enrolled in the course will learn to use advanced techniques for creating, modeling, generating and photorealistic rendering of static or dynamic scenes designed by your computer. You can also learn techniques for modeling objects, animals, plants and realistic characters used for animation of bodies and facial emotions. Applications of 3D Studio Max have a higher market demand in the architectural field where it is used to create absolutely realistic three-dimensional objects. Another application of 3D Studio also affects different fields such as cinema, videogame production and advertisement. To understand the infinite purposes of 3D Studio Max, please visit:



Programming means teaching the computer how to perform specific tasks. You may use programming languages to do it, depending on the purpose of the program. Internet growing make necessary also web programming. I.S.F. provides vocational training for the most common programming languages:

  • C/C++
  • Visual Basic
  • HTML
  • PHP

but it is possible to request courses about programming languages wich are out of this list.


Creative Suite Adobe

Creative Suite è la soluzione proposta da Adobe per il Network Publishing ed è rivolta ad operatori del settore grafico, creativi e web designer.

Il corso vi aiuterà a creare, gestire e distribuire contenuti visivamente ricchi, visualizzabili da qualunque utente, ovunque e con qualunque periferica. L’innovazione dettata dalla Creative Suite è quella di snellire i flussi di lavorazione grazie al fatto che è composta da applicativi altamente professionali, dotati di molte funzioni e concepiti per essere utilizzati insieme.

I programmi all’interno della Creative Suite hanno interfacce utente simili e palette simili e sono stati ideati per passare per sfruttare al massimo le capacità creative degli utenti. Il corso riguarderà i seguenti programmi.


Request a course

I.S.F. is constantly growing and it needs the specific requests of the students for evolving in teaching. It is important to contact us (info@istitutoisf.com) about the activation of new courses.